How do I dismiss a folder (images or audio) I no longer the want to use.

The “Remove Folder” option remains grey so I have no access to it.

Right clicking the folder should bring up a contextual menu that includes “remove folder”.

I don’t really see a reason why the entry should be greyed out.



Thanks for getting back to me.

It seems there is nothing I can do to un-grey the “remove folder” option. Look at the attached file to see if you can identify the problem. Also, on my titles I have lost the drop-shadow and cannot find were I can retrieve it. It was then, then suddenly gone. I am sure it is a simple setting, but I canon find it in 'help" or anywhere else. Photomagico 2.6.2

Thanks for the help

Ahh, you have the folder collapsed. To remove a folder please temporarily expand the folders by dragging the divider down. Then you can right click the folder you want to remove.