How do I change FPS on iStopmotion

I use iStopmotion, but there is one thing I don’t quite understand. WHY CANT I CHANGE FRAMERATE.I know I can change it when I start a project, but what if I want to experiment with my animation, and preview it in different frame rates. Can I do that, or is that feature not available. If that feature is not yet available, WHY, why is that not added yet, im kinda gobsmacked here, its a great software, but lacking the most basic stop motion feature EVER. Please help, is this feature actually available, if it is, how do I use it, thanks.

@“Hess Studios” Thanks for using iStopMotion! Great video you submitted to the theatre.

Unfortunately, changing the frame rate isn’t as straightforward as it sounds. For example if you want to change from 24 to 25 fps without changing the actual animation speed, you would have to add one frame every 24 frames which would add a jittering. This requires either the computer to be able to synthesise a new set of frames or re-shooting the scenes. iStopMotion is built to have the exact number of frames for the frame rate, which makes it impossible to change the frame rate. What you can do is to export the frames and re-import them into a new document with a different frame rate.

If, however, you just want to speed up or slow down the animation, we don’t get that many requests for that as most people use Final Cut Pro X or a similar NLE for post processing which lets you easily do that.