How could I capture video from one Macbook running BoinxTV to another?


I am looking to have my Macbook Pro capture the screen of another Macbook Pro.

The reason I need this is to broadcast live events online using BoinxTV. I would have BoinxTV on both Macbooks, one capturing multiple cameras into BoinxTV and making camera cuts and the other capturing that into BoinxTV, adding lower thirds and effects and streaming online.

So to sum this up, I need to capture the screen of another Macbook maybe using Camtwist or somehow having BoinxTV be able to capture it. That’s pretty much it.

Thanks in advance,

Remote Control your source mac from the other mac

Hello makewaygfx,

I think you will need a converter to bring in the first MacBook into the second. Have a look in the “Video Input” section of our Studio Equipment page here: I guess the Matrox products is what you are looking for because they can convert a HDMI signal (secondary monitor-output from the first MacBook) and bring it in as a video source in the second MacBook.

Not sure if this topic is still active, but you can configure BoinxTV to output to a secondary monitor. Then capture that secondary monitor using a black magic design Intensity HDMI capture card.