How can I use the 'FotoMagico Remote' on my iPhone

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           <p>To use your FotoMagico Remote on your iPhone make sure that both (Mac and iPhone) are connected to the same network.1. Open the FotoMagico slideshow you would like to playback using the FotoMagico Remote.2. If you never used the FotoMagico Remote before, you need to enable it in FotoMagico's preferences. Therefor click on </p>
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I am looking for software that will allow me to make better presentations (more motion) than Keynote or PowerPoint. Can Fotomagico be programmed to pause playing after each slide and wait for a click to play the next slide (similar to PowerPoint)?

In one word – YES!

@glroberts: As @stantastic already said FotoMagico has this capability of “wait for a mouse click” to go on. The big advantage of FotoMagico is, that you also can setup the audio playback mode that way, that the audio plays continuously even when the slideshow gets paused at some point. FotoMagico is designed to do live presentations!

Is there a way to display just the first slide of a slideshow and then use the remote from my iPhone to start the show?

@smartin: Please select the first slide in your show, open the “Options” panel on the right and setup the “Continue” option to “At Mouse Click”. Your show will pause here until you click with the mouse (or with your iPhone FotoMagico Remote App)

Doesn’t work. Screen remains black, no controls show up on iPhone. :((

I’m despairing using FotoMagico 4.5.3 in connection to FotoMagico Remote 1.1. All the recommented step are fulfilled, but the iPhone shows only the entry-picture without any reaction.
Who has a idea to get it running as it described?

this does not work at all, in fact just trying to set up the app to b controlled by iPhone on my Mac causes the app to crash

and no matter whether i open the app on my iPhone before/during/after opening up the app and trying to set it to iPhone remote … IT NEVER GETS TO CONTACT THE APP AT ALL, EITHER WITH A SPINNING DISC OR SEEMINGLY FROZEN

so i appear to have both sides of this pairing either crashing/freezing/doing nothing