How can I use multiple cameras in BoinxTV?

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           <p>Normally one Firewire bus can only hold one camera (at least from the same vendor). Cameras from the same vendor tend to have the same firewire ID baked into the system and it can't be changed. Like this the two cameras collide on the same bus and only one can be used. So in most of the cases you will need a dedicated bus for each camera. This is also why e.g. Firewire hubs don't work. On a MacBookPro you can add a firewire expresscard to get a second bus and on a MacPro this can be done with multiple PCI-Express cards to gain multiple additional busses. Both cards can be found at</p>
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We still can not install the software until after the 25 November, the motive or reason is we are waiting for our computer MAC PRO incorporate SDI PCI cards for our Camcorders panasonic, and have two questions:

  • The software recognizes the PCI card with SDI input of each Camcorders.

  • The Software works with a virtual studio CromaKey can be used with three or more camcorders.

@dm1812: 1) PCI-cards: Which vendor and model are you using?
2) Chroma keying is a very GPU intensive process and may not perform well for 3 video sources at the same time. This is depending on the graphics card you are using. Which type of graphics card are you using?

What if you have two different cameras from two different vendors with two different firewire IDs. If the cameras were ballanced to match, will they then work together on either a single firewire bus, or on two different firewire buses?