How can I use FM on iPad?

Question: I have a valid annual license for FM6, do I really need a separate license for the iPad version? If not, how can I use it FM on iPad?

I asked Boinx support and got this answer:
“If you made the purchase through our site, make sure to first download the iPad version from our site then click on the activation link provided in the email we already sent you that contains all your license details.”

But how can i get a iPad Version from Boinx directly instead from IOS AppStore?
And How can I click the activation code I got in FM iPad-App?

I have checked my Boinx account, and all bought 5 licenses since FM Version 1 are correctly listed.

I just downloaded the iPad version and got this opening screen. Why it should be different from yours I have no idea. But I obviously have the option (third down) of putting in my licence details etc.

Hallo Williman,
auf der Boinx-Website auf die Seite FreeTrail schauen, dort kannst Du die iPad Version von Boinx herunterladen ohne den AppStore verwenden zu mĂĽssen.

VG FrankP

Hi Williman,
on the Boinx website look at the FreeTrail page, there you can download the iPad version of Boinx without having to use the AppStore.

Hi @FrankP and @willyman That information is incorrect. You can’t download FotoMagico for iPad from our website, it is only available on the iOS App Store. My apologies for the confusion.

Looking at the screen, I think @willyman you logged in using a different account than the one used for purchasing the license. This may happen if you use “Login with Apple” and an Apple ID that is different from the one you registered the license for. Please make sure that you get the most recent FotoMagico for iPad version from the App Store and click on the “Preferences” in the top right corner, and go to the Subscription panel. There, log out of the current account and log in again with the email shown on the Mac screen shot under the “Installierte Lizenzen”.

No, I did NOT use a different Boinx account. I logged in in that account where my licenses are stored

The problem was solved by the excellent support of Oliver Breidenbach. He gave me the following workaround, which worked and which I will share here as well

On the Mac, go to FotoMagico->Subscriptions. If you go there with the mouse on the license, comes a sharing icon. If you click on it, a QR code is displayed, which you can simply capture with the iPad camera. A link will open that you have to click on and then agree that FotoMagico can open. Then the license will be transferred manually.

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