How can I monitor on the camera at the same time as HDMI connected to mimolive?


I have a 2 camera setup with one person on each camera, feeding into mimolive, with a third person live editing and streaming with mimolive.

How can the 2 camera people pull focus and monitor their cameras? The camera monitors are blank when HDMI is connected.

Probably a real newbie question, but I’m really stumped…

Any assistance appreciated.

Thanks, Else

More info: The 2 cameras are a canon 70D and a canon 6D. They are each connected via hdmi to an ultrastudio mini recorder and then by thunderbolt to a macbook pro.

Dear @else1 Thank you for using mimoLive!

If the cameras don’t support using HDMI and the camera monitors at the same time, there are basically two options left for you:

  1. There might be an alternative firmware for the Canon cameras available on the internet that might support showing the video on the monitors and the HDMI output at the same time. However, we can’t provide any assistance on this and it might violate the warranty of the cameras.

  2. You can acquire an external HDMI video monitor like the Blackmagic Video Assist.

Another solution : You buy a HDMI splitter, One output to mimo (like actually), one to a Display, a TV or anything that have HDMI input :wink:

(More expensive than a firmware updaye, but less than a BlackMagic product ^^)