how can i change the color of an empty picture in fotomagico 3.8.x (home edition)

hey guys and girls, i just finished a wedding-slideshow for friends of mine. they are really happy with the result but complain that the “empty pictures” which i´ve used for the lead text and end credits have a black background color. now i´ve spend some time to change this … without success. is it possible to change the background color of those empty pictures?

thx ralf

You can only change the color of all backrounds/empty slides, via menubar -> slideshow -> options. For changing the color of a single empty slide I suggest you correct the color through the color correction tools in FotoMagico or if that isn’t enough just create an image file that contains only the desired color and import it into FotoMagico.

ahh … thanks … that´s easy … should have been able to find that on my own. wer gucken + dann noch lesen kann ist klar im vorteil :wink:

lg ralf