How about OSS?

I still haven’t found a viable alternative to PhotoPresenter :frowning: So, yes, I’m still sad and frustrated it’s no longer maintained. Rather than just pulling the plug completely have you guys at Boinx considered putting it under some open source umbrella? This would give people still interested in the application a chance to maintain it in the open.

We understand your wish for an update to PhotoPresenter. Making something Open Source doesn’t simply meaning releasing all source code. It also means removing parts that are required for our licensing mechanisms and our core frameworks. This will both break PhotoPresenter entirely. So someone who wants to get PhotoPresenter going again doesn’t only have to fix the issues that made us discontinue PhotoPresenter (fixing will be 4-6 man-months of a full time professional OS X engineer) but also a replacement of our core frameworks would be necessary. We don’t see an active Mac OSS community that we think would adopt a project like PhotoPresenter and currently we don’t have the ressources to make it ready for an open source release.

Please understand that we don’t want to punish our customers who love our products as much as we do. Letting go of PhotoPresenter was probably the hardest for us.