hold the last frame a few seconds

Is there a simple way to hold the last of a slide for a few seconds. I tried adding the same slide and duplicating the position but there is still a bit of a blink and I can never exactly duplicate where the frame stopped.

You want to have a look at the “Animation” control in the “Image” Option panel for this specific slide: You see some kind of a timeline which spans for the complete time of that slide.

At the bottom there are 4 triangles which lets you control the timing of the animation in respect to the total duration of the slide. There may be also yellow parts in that control which indicates the transition time from the previous slide and to the next slide.

With the light grey triangles you can adjust the time where the animation should go with full speed. The dark grey triangles are for start and stop time of the animation. First you must extend the duration of the slide for the time it should stay on screen, then you move the right dark triangle to the middle which means that the slide will reach the “Finish” position at that point of time.

Maybe you don’t want a rough stop so you also move the right light grey slider a bit more to the left and you will get a smooth stop.

BTW: The same adjustments can be done for the Visibility too!

Thanks, I have been playing with those controls, but evidently had not realized that I could stop the animation. I was able to find another solution, I copied the geometry of the finish, inserted the same slide again and pasted the geometry in both the start and finish and it seems to work without any blip at the transition of the two slides.