Folks, I was putting together a slideshow yesterday… haven’t used Fotomagico for a month or so… anyways, I go to save it… and it freezes up. Have to Force Quit… try again, same thing happens. ARGH. Next thing I check to see if up to date… yes I am. Re boot computer. Try it… this time won’t let me actually save a photo to the timeline. I have a deadline, and now I’m panicking. Have sent an email to Tech support and have not received a reply as yet. Can anyone help, PLEASE?

Now it’s giving me messages saying: The following media files could not be added to the slideshow because access was denied.

I even dumped all copies of Fotomagico and re-downloaded it… same thing.


Regarding your Support request: Our support team answered your email within one hour after your request arrived in the office. Didn’t you get the reply?

Regarding your issue:

It looks like the sandbox daemon by Apple denied the access to important files on the disk.

Please can you try to give FotoMagico access to your complete hard disk? Follow those steps to do so:

  • Start FotoMagico
  • create a new empty slideshow
  • find the image browser on the right side of the document window
  • in the top first section of the image browser you should find a little text label saying “Drag additional folders here”
  • go to the Finder and find your “Macintosh HD” hard disk icon. Drag this icon to the text label.

This procedure will grant access to your entire hard disk to FotoMagico. Hopefully this will fix the access trouble you have.

Thank you Achim for your response! I didn’t get the email. But I’m so appreciative of your response here. I will try this fix as soon as I get back home and let you know how it goes.

Tried it… it hasn’t worked. Managed to get the HD into the folders, but went to save and it’s frozen again.

In order to understand why FotoMagico is freezing up please can you do the following:

  • start FotoMagico and open up your slideshow you want to export.
  • start the “Activity Monitor” app by Apple. You should get a window showing all your apps running in a list.
  • find FotoMagico in this list and select it.
  • now head over to FotoMagico, start the export and wait until it freezes up.
  • go back to Activity Monitor, make sure that FotoMagico is still selected in the table of apps and click on the action gear button on top of the list. A context menu will pop up where you click on “Sample Process”. This command will bring up a new window with lots of technical information.
  • save this log to your Desktop with the button in the top right corner of the window
  • send the saved log file directly to me achim at boinx dot com.

I hope that we can find the cause of the freeze by analysing this log.

Actually Achim, I retried it, shut down computer, restarted it - and voila IT WORKS!! Thank you SO much!

Glad to hear! :slight_smile: