Help with setting up a studio

Is there any way to use BoinxTV without streaming to the web and through a direct connection to a television?

Right now I am using a video switcher. I would like to send the camera signals into my new iMac, do the switching using Boinx, and then send the signal back out. The output would have to be either BNC or RCA cables. I purchased a Blackmagic Intensity Extreme, which gets the video in beautifully, and I can do switching within Boinx, but it’s not outputting the Boinx layers or other inputs (like the computer’s built in camera.)

Currently BoinxTV is able to output its video result live on the secondary monitor port of your computer only. 3rd Party video output hardware is not supported. You will need a converter to convert the video signal (which comes out of the computer display port) to a appropriate video signal for your television.

Thanks for responding, do you have any suggestions as to a possible convertor

This depends on the video signal which you get from your computer and which signal is needed for your television. (e.g. if you get DVI from your computer and need SDI for your television set you could use the DVI Extender by BlackMagic ) Please check your own hardware for the correct configuration.