Help with choosing a camcorder?

Does anyone have experience with these? wich one would work best for making animations with istopmotion?
the hdr-fx7 seems to be better quality based on the price, but it looks like it is lacking a few features that the hdr-hc9 has, like interpolation still resolution, and lower pixels.
Here are some links to the product descriptions. Thnx!!

We have the FX7 here and it is a great camera, it has a big lens and lots of manual control. If you have Final cut Pro installed, you can use it in HDV mode (FCP installs the required HDV component). The downside is, that it only delivers an interlaced HDV signal.
I don’t know about the hc9, maybe someone else has it and want to chime in?

I went ahead and bought the fx7 and I’m pretty happy with the results so far, it has a good amount of options to set the picture, but there is one detail I can’t really put my finger on…
You see the image will shift slightly between frames. I turned the steady shot off, and all other settings are set to manual, but every so often the image will continue to move around causing a vibration look during playback that is really driving me crazy! Any experiences like this?
Thanks a bunch!

Are you using it in HDV or DV mode?

I am using it in HDV via fire wire.

It might be due to the interlacing issue I mentioned before.

Hmmm, I see. I guess I’ll have to fix it in post for now.



Turns out I hadn’t updated my pro aps and codecs for a while, I did that today and the image issue went away, everything seem to be working really well now.

Thanks again.