Help handling video calls with BoinxTV

I’m curious how other BoinxTV users are handling video calls. A couple years ago I was able to do this successfully with Skype by sending the BoinxTV output through Camtwist and selecting Camtwist as my camera source within Skype. Skype no longer allows the selection of Camtwist, as far as I can tell. I spent much of the morning trying this same workflow with Google Hangouts and was unsuccessful there as well. I tried with both 2.5 and 3.0 beta versons of Camtwist. My understanding is that FaceTime will not permit Camtwist as a source either. Are there other video call applications out there that play nicely with Camtwist? Is there an alternative to Camtwist I should be considering with Skype/Hangouts/FaceTime?

I would very much welcome feedback from other users or Boinx reps who are doing this successfully. Please advise on a workflow/software pairing that works for you reliably.

Many thanks!!

Please install Camtwist 3. This works with both Skype and Facetime and Hangouts.

Bastian, can you elaborate? I’m having the same issue with Skype and Camtwist 3 doesn’t seem to work either (determined by both experience and research.)


Hi RandomMaccess,
I have spent many hours trying to make this work over the course of many weeks. It was enormously frustrating, but I finally cracked it today. My issue was some legacy files from CamTwist 2.5 that remained in my system. I recommend you do a manual install of CamTwist 3.0 and follow these 3 steps I found on the CamTwist message board.

  1. Make sure you don’t have the 2.x camera driver installed. It would be in /Library/QuickTime/CamTwist.component.

  2. Make sure you do have the 3.0 CMIO plugin installed. It should be in /Library/CoreMediaIO/Plug-Ins/DAL/CamTwist.plugin.

  3. You might try to repair permissions with Disk Utility.

Note that the library referred to above is at the system level, not the user level. After I did the above I was able to select and use CamTwist as a camera for use in the latest version of Skype (v7.6.409), FaceTime (v3.0), and Google Hangouts. I was also able to use the CamTwist output with LiveStream Producer, and Ustream Producer. The above fix worked on both my legacy MacPro and retina MacBook Pro.

One other thing to note… If you are not seeing the BoinxTV Receiver effect in the settings of CamTwist, manually drag it into the Effects folder in the CamTwist application folder.

Try the above and let us know if it works for you. Good luck!

Hi alternativeplan,
I have been trying to use Camtwist 3.0 with Skype with no success. Having read your post this now doesn’t surprise me as I clearly have nowhere near your technical ability (you could be speaking a foreign language!). This is a huge ‘ask’ but would it be possible to create, and share, a video ‘walk through’ for those of us less technically adept who are trying to achieve what took you many hours over many weeks, please?

Hi Dave,
I’d be happy try to help you out. What do you think about doing a Skype call with me and I’ll use the screen share in BoinxTV to show you the steps I took? I can’t guarantee it will work for you on your system, but I’d be happy to show you how I was finally able to make it work on mine. I have it working reliably with Skype, but am still troubleshooting problems with FaceTime.

Hi alterrnative plan,
That’s an offer I can’t refuse, thank you! I’m in the UK, where are you based? I’m thinking about timezones when doing this. Is alternativeplan also your Skype name?

Hi Dave (and Bastian, I have questions for you)
I’m in Los Angeles, so a morning chat for me would be a late afternoon/early evening chat for you. Does that work? If so, message me your contact info and we’ll set a specific time and date to go over this. I have sent you my Skype handle through the messaging service on this board. Click on my username here to get to it.

I have had success routing the video per your (and fellow Boinx experts) instructions available in the User Manual section of the website. Particularly this page:

I have NOT had success routing the audio per those instructions.

I have spent over a week trying to resolve and isolate the issue, but I am unable to get the signal to move through both outputs in the aggregate device. I’ve tried a number of things including:
Upgrading to the latest version of Soundflower (1.6.6).
Reverting back to an older version of Soundflower.
Trying it on my 2013 MacBook Pro.
Trying it on my 2010 Mac Pro.
Trying it on my 2008 MacBook Pro.
Trying it under a new user account.
Installed a clean OS X system on a bare drive with only BoinxTV, Soundflower, and Skype installed.
Tried sending the audio signal through to Skype, Ustream, Livestream, Google Hangouts, Garageband, and Camfrog.
Apple support was no help because they walk away when 3rd party software is involved.
I made sure both the built-in output and Soundflower (2ch) were using the same format (44100.0 Hz).

If I send the BoinxTV signal to Soundflower (2ch), I am able to bring that signal into the distribution app (Skype, Ustream, etc.), but then I’m forced to use Soundflowerbed and it gets a little more cumbersome.

Bastian (or others in the know) if you can advise what else I might consider to make this work I would surely welcome it. Seems like it would be a more elegant solution with more possibilities than the soundflowerbed solution.

Thank you!