Help getting mono recording from external mics with Alesis mixer


I’m having trouble using the external audio recording in Boinx. I use my Alesis mixer as an audio source but can’t seem to get a mono recording. The audio capture functionality seems very limited… Could someone with any knowledge or advice in this respect please help me out?


Cool, well thanks for all the help, Boinx.

for urgent support requests, please contact the support team instead of using the forum.

To your issue: If the Audio device delivers a stereo signal, BoinxTV will record a stereo signal. There is not downmix to mono on the fly. You can convert the audio signal to mono in an export step using a custom QuickTime conversion.

Thanks for your help, Bastian. I did email support afterwards and was told that there are limited audio mixing options within Boinx and to use Soundflower instead. Which was really not much help. Glad I checked back here. Thanks again.