help for new configuration 2 cams

I prepared a 2 cams (canon hv-40) firewire configuration but the McBook pro 17’ is now obsolete (thunderbolt replace expresscard and no 17’ ).
It’s troublesome…

My questions :
McBook 15’ adequate ?
Prefer old McBook 17’ still for sale ?
Wait for Thunderbolt adapters FireWire 800 ?
Choose new camcorders whith better connection ? Which connection ?

Have you a complete safe proposition ?


As we had no chance to test drive the new machines (and will not for a while), this is only guesswork.

I guess the new MacBookPros will be great, the chips a re way faster so they are probably better for BoinxTV than the old 17" machines. It might as well be the case that the new Nvidia graphics cards don’t perform too great as ATI graphics cards proved to be more powerful when it came to BoinxTV.
But again, we can’t know at the moment.

Performance wise, running cameras in through firewire is still our recommendation. So waiting for the Thunderbolt to FireWire adapters sounds like a good idea.