help creating maps

I looked at boinx and you guys did an awesome job. I am thinking about buying it in the near future- i have few questions- How did i build weather and traffic maps into this - let says for cities in USA – detroit , newyork etc, – do I need to upload pictures of the cities ?? Also let us say if i am looking for stock charts that look like CNBC on American TV( can you guys build the stock charts that look like the one or how do i build them.?? Any help with documentation (english? ) on how to use boinx ??

  1. We don’t have much documentation for BoinxTV, sorry about that. Anyways, here are some tutorial videos which may get you started:

  1. Here is how to exchange the weather map graphics in the weather map layer:

  1. Also BoinxTV has a screen capture source where you can bring visual content from your screen into BoinxTV. Let’s say you have a certain webpage showing exactly what you need (and you own the rights to broadcast it) you can use the screen capture source to capture the webpage right from your screen and use it in a green screen environment as background.

  2. Another option is to hire us, to create a custom layer for your needs. We already created some charts compositions for other TV stations and they are very happy with the result because the layer does exactly what they needed.

Thanks for the reply. Will get in touch when ready.