HDMI Audio question with BMD H264 Pro

Hello Bastian:

Has been a while but we re-take our project and still solid with Boinx tv. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LfaW9B0FUk.
We are using a Mac G5 quad, Novation control, MX3000 mixer when many cameras will be install and the Alesis IO2 for audio. The “Key” here is the BM H264 pro encoder, guys this thing worth every penny, quality is excellent and really leave the CPUs for more work with Boinx like titles, cameras work better and we never pass 45% and this is a G5.
The problem:

We are using the second video output thru a DVI-HDMI cable to the input of the HDMIH264, set up at 1280X720, quality is good , the stretch in fact gives like a little cine look. The problem is there is no Audio embedded in the HDMI signal coming from the DVI output. Since the two audio inputs in the H264 are for analog. Is there anyway to re-rout audio to the DVI? My two options would be or convert from DVI to something analog like component and get all that with the audio from the IO2 to the H264. The problem is the BM software won’t listen to anything else than the signal from the H264. Great product guys, I will endorse you anytime.

Gus Vargas