HDD failure--Photomagic program lost

At this point my questions are rather general until I obtain more information.

My HDD failed in my 2005 vintage 20"iMac. Its getting a new HDD as I type this. That means I’ll need to download and reinstall the associated verson of Fotomagic, using the purhase code I just requested to be sent to me. As its been almost five years since I had to know anything about installation and versions of Fotomagic and what platforms it will run on, I assume whatever version my purchase code is associated with will run on the operating system that will be put on my 2005 iMac.

In the short run, to get some work out the door, I may need to install my Fotomagic on my daughter’s more current Macbook until i get my iMac back. Will most versions of Fotomagic run on a year old Macbook…can i install and run it there until I get my iMac back, and then load on my iMac

You can install it on the MacBook now, remove it as soon as your old mac is back up and go from there. The current version of FotoMagico will run on a 1 year old MacBook.