HD SDI Interface

Has anyone had any experience running HD SDI cameras into Boinx? Are you using individual input cards? Has anyone tried the Matrox Multi Ingest Card?

We tried BlackMagic Design Decklink Cards as well as the Matrox MXO2. We had no chance of testing the Multi Ingest card though.

Hey Bastian/jlong,

I’m new to the forum but wanted to give my experience/setup for some help. I am using 3 of the Blackmagic HDMI to SDI mini converters (3 signal from 3 cameras) into a Panasonic AG-MX70 mixer. I am able to then mix my cameras as I want. I then SDI Preview out to a Canopus ADVC-1000 and firewire to a IMac into BoinxTV. This set works like a charm for me!!! It’s not multicam because I’m using an Imac (1 firewire in). But this was my workaround! Hope this helped.

In my last posting I meant: “It is not multi card ingest” but it is multi-camera.


So the transitions and camera moves comes from the mixer and not from the computer itself right? So this way Boinx would work a little fresh from CPU intense processing correct? I am a G5 quad Boinx user and we were planing to move to 8 core but switcher like the Panasonic AG-MX50 would do it correct?

Love Boinx TV, I said not to ATEM tv :slight_smile:

That is correct. With a “dumb” switcher in front of BoinxTV, you only need one input on the machine and still can still add all the BoinxTV graphics while saving some load.


Just changed to an old original apple HD which we are trying to run just with Boinx and the G5 Quad. How can I get V 1…6.2?
That’s why I had in the other HD but we are experimenting for speed.

You can find the old 1.6.2 version on http://www.boinx.com/software/boinxtv/BoinxTV_1.6.2-6735.dmg

Got 1.8.3 which is my last support on G5 thanks. Got the Nocturne hardware, it works great!!!.
Once we put all together and air a few shows I will be happy to give u all the testimonies you need from us, I must to say if working the way it does in the old G5 quad I cannot even imagine what you could do with a 8 core intel, boy this software is amaizing!
Ok, the question:

How can I program in the Nocturne or a keyboard the record stop button?

Is there a way we can remotely operate it without having to use the mouse and click on it?

Good question about stopping recording. I don’t think that works as the automap server cant send keystrokes to apps, what would be necessary in that case. We’ll have a “how to remote control BoinxTV using the iPad” tutorial coming up.