HD Movie

I have just finished my first slideshow with version 3.8 and as I have always done with earlier versions, I went to SHARE ,HD Movie, but now find that the quality has been reduced to FAIR, in earlier versions it was GOOD! what changed ? are you not supposed to be going forwards with upgrades , not backwards!!
Please help me understand this downgrade
Thank you.

Please try the following:

Choose the HD export and continue -> Set to 1080p -> go back and see the quality bar expanded to the right.

Ahhhhhh! ok thanks for that, it is quite a while since I first did this , and now I see that once you set to 1080p the quality bar on the first page retains the higher quality,
Another question I have about sharing is about compression, can I choose NOT to compress a slideshow ? and if I can will the quality be better ?
thanks you.

You could play around with the Quicktime export parameters, but this is only recommended if you know what you’re doing (advanced video knowledge).
We can’t provide support for custom parameters since the combinations of the values can be almost infinite…
If you want to play the show on a Mac, consider to use the standalone player, it will play your shows uncompressed on all current Mac models.

Ok thanks Rudolf, I am on a Mac and always keep a copy using the Standalone Player, but 80% of the people I send them to, are on Windows, I am seriously considering a Windows box just for slideshows,