HD and IP streams

I am working on expanding an existing BoinxTV system for a client, they have a pair of low Res IP cameras and are using their conference call interface for audio. We are adding some better cameras with PTZ, some nice mics and a video wall. I’m curious first are the IP cameras dealt with as screen sources or how do they get into Boinx? Can I mix HD cameras with the IP sources, is it even worth using HD is the output HD capable? Since they stream as well as want to use the video wall for display, is it possible to use Boinx to feed only the graphics/presentation content to the wall, behind the live speaker, and feed graphics/presentation with switched camera to the streaming encoder? Is BoinxTV limited to 4 inputs or only 4 actual Video inputs, i.e.; not IP streams or screen sources?


Hello KMA_Studios

  • First of all: Currently we are recommending to run BoinxTV only in SD resolution (like NTSC-Widescren) because the hardware can’t manage full HD with multiple sources pretty well. When we record shows, we are running BoinxTV in SD mode with 4 video sources connected the the machine with no problem.

  • IP-cameras: We only have a single layer that supports IP cameras from Axis. This is a “proove of concept” that you can integrate different sources into BoinxTV if you can embedd them into a QuartzComposition. Currently BoinxTV supports video sources that are supported by QuickTime, because QuickTIme is our generell video source provider. We tested several video input hardware for our selfs and we listed them on this site in the “Vide Input” section:


  • Presentation-Material seperatly from video stream: Our setup looks like this: We have two computers, one running BoinxTV to compose the web cast, the second is running the presentation software. Then we are using a VGA2USB grabber to get the output from that presentation computer into the BonxTV machine. This VGA2USB adapter can often be plugin into the video projector (or in your case the video wall, if it has a monitoring output). The presentator can controll the presentation on the second computer looking at the screen showing the presentator controls. the secondary video output from that computer outputs the presentation to the video wall and goes via the VGA2USB converter into the BoinxTV computer where it gets treated as a normal video source.