Hardware options for SDI key and fill?

What are my hardware options for outputting separate Key and Fill via SDI? I’ve purchased the commercial software version, and the ATEM control plugin, but would like to get the overlays happening at the switcher, rather than computer pass-thru. Can this be done with 2 BlackMagic Ultra-studio monitors, or 2 Intensity Extremes… or what? Thanks.

Hi Troy,

you will need a device with two syncronized SDI outputs. The Ultra Studio 4K or 4K Extreme has that. Two Mini monitors cant be synced so this wouldnt work

Thanks Bastian, that answer works OK for me. While I’d hoped I could use hardware I already had, I can justify the Ultra Studio. I now have one on the way. I’m really looking forward to testing this process and avoiding the need for computer pass-thru in order to have sophisticated CG in our switched productions.

We also hoped we could do it with two Mini Monitors and thats how we started but like this key and fill can be off about 3 frames and this causes weird edges around moving objects. If you can, please share examples of what you do with it. we are always eager to learn more.

I have an ultrastudio 4K. Is there any documentation available on how to do this?

We are still working on it. Basically you connect the US4K, make sure you have the latest driver installed. Then click the triangle next to the playout button, choose the US4K and set Keying mode to “External” you will now have Fill output on SDI out 1 and Key Output on SDI out 2

For what it is worth, I can confirm this works at my place. Super clean keys.

great. look forward to testing it out! thanks.

Do i need to connect both thunderbolt cables to the US4K?

No, a single cable. The other becomes a pass-thru for anything else you might want to run.

I have used this solution since the first beta. With beta 21 and 22 I have problem with audio playout through Blackmagic Ultrastudio 4K.
In earlier betas I got audio from the fill-signal, but in beta 21 and 22 there is no audio.
Anyone have the same problem?

Hy all.
I have a problem with the Ultrastudio 4K. I would send on my BM Atem switcher a fill and key signals but, in the playback settings the field “Keying mode” is disabled. Why?

Mimolive version: 2.0b22
BM Desktop Video version: 10.6.2