Hanging up a Mimocall? Also, reconnecting after regenerated link

Hi Guys-

After a few more tests, some questions related to starting and ending new calls:

  1. How do you hang up a Mimocall? If we’re running a call-in type broadcast, where we expect to have different callers throughout the broadcast, it would be great to have a “hang up” button in the UI so the presenter/host can terminate a call directly. Currently it looks like the only way to do that is to have the caller close their browser. The issue with that is that sometimes people step away from their computers and leave windows open, and as far as I can tell, I have no way of addressing that other than deleting the Mimocall source (not practical during a broadcast), or generating a new link (doesn’t work - see below). Let me know if I’m understanding this correctly.

  2. Related to generating a new link, when I do this while Mimolive is running, I get continual “Connecting…” message in the source window, but no connection. Quitting and restarting Mimolive resolves this. The new Mimocall sources appear connected, i.e. “Waiting for partner…”. Let me know if this an error in my configuration, or simply something that’s not working yet.



@troygrady Thank you very much for giving mimoCall a try and for your extensive feedback!

The way it is supposed to work is that the connection is valid until you generate a new channel with your source (= creating a new URL). This is so that you can have a document with pre-configured mimoCall channels that you can use with regular guests without having to issue them a new invitation every time.

So, yes, this is a bug if it isn’t working. Thanks for reporting this, we’re investigating.

Hi Oliver - thanks for the speedy response. So you’re saying the “generate” button is basically the hang-up button? Fine with me! I can test this again just to make sure it’s really not working for us. Also, the app also crashed a couple times while doing this, or while waiting for a connection. I don’t have a crash report but I’ll generate one if it happens again.

Ok, I’m re-reading what you wrote - “regular guests”. Yes, I can confirm that reloading a saved document at startup also reloaded the same channels and immediately connected to them. This appears to work seamlessly, which is great for quick setups. However, we probably won’t have regular guests. Instead, we’re planning a kind of live call-in tech support show with our customers. So we’ll probably have multiple callers per broadcast. Will the system complain if we need to hit that button a few times per broadcast?

@troygrady Hitting the button a few times per broadcast is supposed to work.

Are you setting up the callers in advance? Or are you posting the URL and the first one to click it gets the call? You could set up like 10 mimoCall sources in advance and just move from one to the next. How many callers do you take per broadcast?

Where can I watch the show?

We’ve only done these in the past by running Skype into Wirecast, on two separate machines. It was… complicated! Customers sent us a Skype contact request, we accept the request, then we call them. Organizationally, it was a mess, because Skype does not provide a neat way of organizing the contact requests chronologically.

Mimolive is going to make this much easier. The way I imagine this working is that we tell viewers to email us if they have a question they want to ask live. Then standard email provides a simple way of working through the callers. I can just hit reply to the emails, in sequence, and paste the link. Once I’ve done that, delete the email, move to the next one. In the past we’ve done maybe five or six callers over a one-hour session.

The only issue I see with creating multiple sources is that those sources need to be configured into shots in the layers panel, and I’m not going to be able to do that in real time. And I wouldn’t want to, really.

Currently, I have a pretty simple setup with a wide shot of me, a two-shot layer (me plus one caller), and a three-shot layer (me plus two callers). Audio for everyone is on separate layers - one for me, and one for each Mimocall source. This way I can switch video layers independently, or even turn them off to save CPU, and still hear everyone. It’s pretty simple. We’ve tested it, and it works well.

All I really need to do is put different callers into the two existing Mimocall sources. It should be easy enough to do by telling them to close their browser so we can send the link to someone else. Or, I can “hang up” on them by clicking “generate”, and get a new link. But again, I just want to make sure I’m not asking the servers to do something they weren’t designed to do.

Hi Troy,
I did a quick test on my machine and can confirm that hanging up by generating a new channel URL does not work correctly, although this is the intended way to hang up a call (besides destroying the source).
After hitting generate, mimoLive does not send any video to the old channel, but it does not correctly connect to the new channel. We are working to get this resolved as quickly as possible.

I think that your use case is very interesting. I understand that for situations where a show has “dynamic” call-in guests, a dedicated management feature would be useful.
I will discuss this with the team but unfortunately can’t promise any advancements in the near future, since there still is a lot to do before mimoCall can “go live”.

I will let you know when there is a version available that fixes your problem with regenerating channel URLs.

No problem Stefan - thanks for looking into this. If you guys can bug-fix the link generation, we’ll be able to use this right now. In the future, if you added features to manage the call-in process, that would be amazing. Imagine if you could broadcast a lower thirds title with a generic call in URL, like “call.mimo.live/troygrady”. Anyone who wants to call in clicks it. In their browser they get a “waiting” screen in their browser and they are added to a queue. In Mimo, the presenter can see a list of all waiting callers. If the callers close the browser, they are removed from the queue. When the presenter wants to add someone, they just click a button - something big, that’s easy to see while broadcasting, like “next caller” or something. Maybe in the web client? Then the presenter can hang up when they’re done, and add the next caller.

That would be killer! Nobody has anything like that, and you guys would own the web show call-in use case. Honestly, nobody has anything like Mimocall as it is. You’re doing great stuff with this.

Hi Troy,
yesterday, we released mimoLive 2.8 and I’m happy to tell you that the issue regarding regenerating mimoCall IDs has already been fixed. Please download the latest version at https://boinx.com/connect/mimolive/versionhistory/2.8

As for your suggested mimoCall queuing feature, we will discuss this but can’t make any promises that this point.
Again, thanks for your feedback and interest in mimoLive!

Super! Thanks Stefan. We’ll test this out shortly.

Just a quick update - tested this today and it does indeed work. Regenerating the link for an active caller hangs up the call and freezes their last image. And the caller sees a gray screen with no further feed.

Thanks for the speedy turnaround on this!