H2R graphics working with Mimolive

Hi all,

Recently Here 2 Record released version 2 of H2R Graphics that allows their graphics with transparency to be played into a web browser and added onto production software like OBS and vMix. The transparency layer works in Mimolive too. However, the animation in and out for the graphics doesn’t not play out. It come in as a cut.

Could a future update resolve this? Could be a CSS update required?


I can confirm that the URL source of MimoLive does not always refresh. I used wheelofnames before and the animations only worked when the browser preview was opened in MimoLive. However, I also used this giveaway tool for a production, and here animations showed fine without the preview window being open.

I am however curious why you want to use H2R Graphics while MimoLive’s graphics are in my opinion way better.

mimoLive uses the Safari web engine. Many of those services are optimized for Chrome and will not play some animations. Switching to Chrome will require a lot of work and the resources are currently not available for that. Using the Chrome engine (called Chromium) will also double (!) the app size of mimoLive, so we’re not sure about that. Safari is constantly evolving, so it might support those animations in the future. On the other hand, it could also divert more from Chromium with Apple’s focus on privacy.