Grandpa the Grump Plays Doctor

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        <p>In this claymation comic short, Fooling Grandpa, created by Jon Lopez, animator of the <a class='externallink' href=''>Clay Alchemist</a>, “Grandpa the Grump” takes care of his sick grandson, Joey. Jon is a sculptor, illustrator and animator from Wyoming, Michigan and has been sculpting since he was 10 years old! He’s now finishing up his photography degree this fall. We’re glad to see he found a great way to combine his sculpting, photography and storytelling skills to create awesome claymation films with <a class='externallink' href=''>iStopMotion</a>!  <a class='externallink' href=''>Visit Jon’s website</a> to check out more of his fantastic work.</p>
        <p><a href="">Read the full story here</a></p>
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Jon’s work is always interesting, I am always looking forward to what he is planning next.:slight_smile: