GoPro Camera

Has anyone used a GoPro Camera with Stop Motion?

Yes, I connected the HDMI port of the GoPro with a Black Magic Design Ultras Studio Mini Recorder to the Mac and it showed up in iStopMotion but when I selected it as the video input source the video was all black. After starting mimoLive and configuring the BMD Mini Recorder here it also worked in iStopMotion. Disconnecting and reconnecting the BMD Mini Recorder stopped it from working again. Thats the same when trying to use it in QuickTime Player X. I guess that the BMD hardware needs to be set for the HDMI input but by default it runs on the SDI input. This option is missing in iStopMotion.

However you should be able to use a different HDMI convert (e.g. ) that works with QuickTime to get the GoPro HDMI signal into iStopMotion.

Also make sure that the HDMI signal don’t carry the overlays from the GoPro (switch off the On-Screen Display (OSD) option in the camera settings)