good camera solution for iStopMotion

I am working on an iMac 2011, OsX 10.7.3

  • bought iStopMotion Express
  • tried my HD video-cam (JVC Everio) : no live connection possible… (my mac does not allow HDMI input, and if it did i wonder if iStopMotion would be able to capture the signal)
  • tried another HD video-cam (Canon, with mini-DvD): no connection possible
  • tried my Canon Still Cam (Ixus 95 IS) : no live connection! Ok, i can import pics, but that i can do in Final Cut Express as well…
  • bought a Logitech HD webcam (Logitech C615) : there is a connection indeed, but VERY POOR image quality (only works sort of ok in daylight, no lighting possible…, looks crappy with Tilt Shift, no manual focus possible (when the puppet enters the stage, it’s the background that is sharp…)
  • looked at your listing of working still cams and bought a Nikon Coolpix S3100 : twice YES in your list, but: does not work! No preview (so no reason to use iStopMotion cfr. supra), it does take a picture but with flash (i don’t want that, i want to be able to control my cam) - and then iStopMotion says : ‘Capturing an image failed because the operation timed out.’ Anyway: working with a still cam does not work for me (it is way to slow and i have zero control).

I am desperate! I need to record a live stop motion feed (so still camera does not work for me) with an acceptable image quality, 16:9 format, with manual focus!

Anyone has suggestions on affordable video-camera’s that DO work with iStopMotions? (so no Still Camera’s please). I want to be able to control the image (format, light, flash, focus).
Wich VIDEO-cam’s do work? Wich cams other users are using? Where can i buy one? And I cannot afford a 2000 euro professional video-cam…

I was hoping to start shooting my movies a week ago…

I think i will like this software. That is: when i get it up and running…

I am sorry, that you didn’t get your devices to work with iStopMotion.

  • Your JVC Everio can be connected to the Mac via an HDMI converter like the Matrox MXO2 wich goes in the Firewire port of your iMac. Matrox provides the system with an QuickTime video input source, therefore we can use the signal in iStopMotion, as we do in BoinxTV (
  • If you have a Canon camera with a mini-DVD connection to your iMac, iStopMotion should be able to use it. However, try to set up your cam in SD mode NTSC or PAL and see if it works. HD format can only be used when you have installed Logic Studio or Final Cut Studio. That’s because the drivers for HD cameras are missing in the ordinary MacOS-X installation.
  • Your Canon Ixus 95 IS don’t offers a live view finder video via USB cable (which most of the still cameras are not able to do). Canon themselfs may have a secret way to get the live video, but we don’t. Also, regarding to our list ( , customer has tested the ability to ask the camera to capture an image via USB with negative result.
  • As I stated in the other post you did, the Nikon Coolpix S3100 tells the MacOS-X system that it is able to take the public “capture an image” command. iStopMotion is using the MacOS-X build in way to ask for a picture of the device. MacOS-X fails to perform the capture task and come back to iStopMotion with the “failed” message. I can’t really tell you why this happens with this specific device.

Please try to test your devices with “Image Capture” (there is also a “capture” button if your cam does support this) or “QuickTime Player” (try to record a movie with your video device) to see, if your devices are working with MacOS-X in general. If MacOS-X fails to use them, we can’t do better.

Hi Achim,

Thank you for trying to search solutions.

  • The Nikon Coolpix is now a present for my daughter…
  • Regarding MATROX : looks rather expensive… Do i really need to get a card installed in my iMac? Is that possible? Are other systems possible (HDMI out to Firewire?) Do these HDMI cams provide live capture via HDMI? Or is that only to export the previously recorders video?
  • I will try the Canon once again, but it’s not here right now (it’s not mine).
  • Right now i’m looking at trying or buying a second hand camcorder that has a dv-connection (Firewire) (Sony DCR PC5E), almost 10 years old… Hope that one works… I’ll let you know…

Im looking at utilizing my camera shutter for this one.