Gif files in Fotomagico 4

In a sequence I am currently making I have a couple of slides where there are two image files stacked on top of each other. The effect I am trying to get (and it works) is for the underneath image file to move slightly (with animation enabled) while the top image remains stationary. The top image is a CompuServe GIF file with a transparent centre. I have prepared the image files in Photoshop. My problem is that the GIFF file has jagged edges where the centre information has been removed - they’re not really BAD but I can see them and it annoys me and I think it detracts from the sequence. I have also tried loading the same image file in Photoshop format and it too has slightly jagged edges. My idea works perfectly but can anyone tell me how to get smoother edges on the inside edges of the GIFF file?
FYO - one of the slides in question shows a view from inside a car with someone driving and I have removed all the windscreen from the image so a moving road can be seen through it.

Gif files in Fotomagico 5
Is this possible?

I’m not aware of being able to use GIF files in FotoMagico 4 or 5. I do know that PNG files WILL work, since I have used them on some of my own presentations. And PNG will carry across the transparency that you are looking for. I have never tried working with a GIF file in FM, and I wouldn’t think there would be any difference in the results of removing parts of an image and saving them in either format. But again, I don’t (or didn’t) think GIF files worked.

Since you say you are using Photoshop, the granddaddy of all photo-editing software, you should be able to create extremely smooth edges between the transparent and opaque areas of your image (using feathering), and there shouldn’t be any jagged edges as a result. Be sure to check the resolution of your images before you start, and don’t go zooming in too much (if you indeed intended to do so) or you might get some pixelation.

Don’t know if that helped at all. Good luck…

.gif is this: