Ghosts of History

GoH takes photos from WWII then superimposes the current landscape over it. The effect is chilling - “I’m standing on the exact spot where Hitler toured the Eiffel Tower.”

To my question: with it’s stop motion ability, would it be possible for iStopmotion for iPad to;

take a photo of a vintage postcard
Assist the user in orienting the camera in such a way as to match objects in the postcard with contemporary objects?

If iStopMotion can be made to work in this fashion I think the application could become quite popular with tourists…


Hi Lando,

It is possible but has its limitations. GoH takes pictures with pretty much identical lenses, to mimic perspective and better match the scene, since we don’t have different lenses on an iPad it is not gonna be 100% accurate. But better than not taking the shot after all :wink:

Here is little video showing how it would be done:

Nice idea!

Bastian - thanks, I’ll give it a try on my iPad!