Getting is top motion to recognise my cameras

I purchased my first istop motion (2.5 home) about 3 years ago and then went out and bought a JVC video cam. I never managed to get the software to recognise my camera and had many failed attempts.
I am now teaching Art in Prep school and would like to do an animation unit with them next term. I have just purchased istopMotion 2 Express as I need sound to accompany their animations. I also have a new iMac. Frustratingly I cannot get either my still camera (Nikon D50) or my JVC cam corder to show up as the source device. All it will recognise is the inbuilt camera on the Mac. I must be doing something wrong! Any ideas?

Thanks for being a long time customer! :slight_smile:

  1. Cam Coder: What model is your cam corder? Unfortunately most cam corders have a USB port, but don’t offer a live preview with it. It only can be used to download the finished recorded videos. This is a hardware limitation of those consumer cam corders. If your cam corder has a FireWire port iStopMotion should recognize it.

  2. Nikon D50: Referring to our list of user-tested devices ( ) the Nikon D50 should work. Maybe you have to change the connection mode to PTP Mode (or sometimes call “normal mode”). Also check if your DSLR shows up in the connected device list of the MacOS-X System Report to make sure the USB connection works as expected.