Getting HD picture from Canon HV-40s

Hi all! I bought a new-to-me MBP (early 2013 15" Retina, 2.7ghz/16gb) and am hoping I can produce a show in 720p with it. I have two Canon HV-40s connected via FW to Thunderbolt.

When I set the cameras to anything higher quality than SD-DV only one of them shows up in BoinxTV. If I set them both to DV (wide or 4:3) then they both show up fine.

So my question is what is the right way to bring two of those cameras into BoinxTV in HD quality? Is HDMI better than the firewire adapter? Perhaps firewire cannot handle HD?

Or is the problem that my machine cannot handle two HD streams? In which case I will be very sad indeed.


Hi Charlie,

your MacBookPro is very capable of doing that. How exactly are the two cameras connected? Each with its own FireWire to Thunderbolt adapter?

Thanks for replying!

Each with its own FireWire to Thunderbolt adapter?
Yes. Each cam mini DV out to its own FW800 to Thunderbolt adapter.

From what I remember I didn’t think the dv cams like the hv40 pushed full hd via fw. Think the max res was 1440x1080. Also with FireWire using 2 cameras same brand & model usually have the same device id on the same bus & than can cause issues as well. I’m not sure how the fw to tb adapters work if it counts as 2 busses or not but could be part of the issue.

The decklink mini recorders seem like they work well & are the cheapest solution around $140 USD + tb cable for hdmi capture with a laptop.

Bastian? Do you have any more insight into this? Danke!

Bump! Is there NO INFORMATION on this?

Bastian? I have shows this week and would love to hear from you about this.