Future DSLR support?

I’ve ditched the idea of getting an outdated Canon Vixia HV40, and I am looking to invest in a DSLR. While I love the interface and Mac based foundations of iStopmotion, it looks like I’m going to have to head over to the DragonFrame camp :’(

I was wondering why DragonFrame is able to support DSLRs on Macs, and then why can’t iStopmotion support it too? This is a real disadvantage to you guys. I think the biggest feature needed in iStopmotion 3 is the ability to capture through DSLRs, so I really hope you can implement such support. I also believe your pricing and lack of HD in Express version (720p?) are also swaying potential customers to the opposition. So can you please take that into consideration? Thank you.

There will be DSLR live view support in the future. DSLR support in general (capturing still frames) is already possible. Without saying too much, I’d recommend waiting a little bit (1-3 weeks) :wink:

Jumps with joy That’s fantastic news, I’m really pleased! I look forward to it. :-bd

“I’d recommend waiting a little bit (1-3 weeks)”
5 weeks later and still obviously no updates to the live view support issue. Empty promises do nothing but force customers elsewhere.

I agree totally. Although iStopmotion is a fantastic price now compared with Dragonframe, it is not much use if it doesn’t do what is needed. Software that came with my camera and Dragonframe all enable live view, so it must be possible for iStopmotion. If you implement this, you will have a real winner, without it is of little use for serious use.

Bastian - Is this actually here and I’ve missed it or were you being a bit optimistic when you said wait 1 - 3 weeks? I have to make a decision soon.

Is there any update on DSLR support for iStopmotion?


I’m uppset. I’ve just bought a Canon EOS 1100D to work with iStopmotion. And I’ve no preview of my pictures - Then impossible to really use the “onion skin” functions. The preview button “doesn’t work” because the import of pictures is “time out”. Before that, i was trying it with my iPhone + WIFI. A lot of unstable connections and App an iPhone disconnect every time.

What happens ? My iMac is “up to date”… and the camera work with Dragonframe. My wifi network is still working without any problem with, for example, Spotify… (and I try also with “Create my network” - doesn’t work, neither !!!)

Then I’ve spent 45€ for nothing !!!

Well ???

  • Is it working with your config, guys ?
  • Is an update in the future able to work with DSLR camera ?
  • Is Boinx software really serious guys ?

Well ! I’m really disappointed. iStopmotion seems to be a really good and “simple” software to make first steps with stop motion animation. Only if it works…

Please, guys !!! Do something !!! Please give us an update with preview of a DSLR camera which is the main function to make stop motion.

This whole debate and discussion is puzzling. I just picked up iStopMotion3 without a trial because of the sale price, and find that there is no Live Preview. I started digging into the issue on the net and find this has been in discussion for a year. If there was a number one issue user’s wanted, shouldn’t developers be doing double time to get it implemented. I downloaded the Dragonframe trial and it works flawlessly with my T2i. If those at Dragonframe can figure it out, certainly the Boinx crew can. Just waiting.

I’m in a tough spot right now as I’m in the market to buy a new camera and no DSLR I can buy today will give me the live preview with iStopMotion 3. Currently using my iPhone as a remote camera which is nice but extremely limited (no zoom/macro is killing me). The $300 for Dragonframe is starting to look better and better :frowning:

Boinx Team,
The live view situation seems to be a major pain point for you guys (and us, as customers). Perhaps a little more transparency on the issue from you guys would help clear up some of the frustration. On our side, we see several other companies developing software that can handle remote capture, remote live view, etc. Then we see you guys really struggling with it, avoiding questions (and seemingly the issue as a whole). It’s obvious iStopMotion has a very loyal user base. I think if this doesn’t get cleared up soon, people will start to look elsewhere for an alternative. Live view on DSLRs is a BIG deal! I hope you guys know that.

Off the top of my head, I can think of a few apps that can handle remote live view for Canon and Nikon DSLRs. If they can do it, so can you.

• Canon EOS Utility
• Nikon Camera Control Pro
• gPhoto open source library (http://gphoto.org/doc/remote)
• DSLR Camer Remote (http://www.ononesoftware.com/products/dslr-camera-remote/)
• Phottix Hero Liveview Remote (http://www.phottix.com/en/wireless-remotes/phottixr-hero-liveview-wireless-remote.html)

I’m putting together 3x rigs for charity workshops.

We’re struggling to find the right cameras at the right price. We have three EOS 1100Ds but the lack of live onionskin preview is a real killer — as you all know!

I’ve noticed that many camcorders (like JVC’s offerings) now have wifi streaming built in to squirt to an iOS device or laptop browser. Can this stream be used in iStopMotion??

This would be extremely useful! (cutting out HDMI to Thunderbolt boxes etc).

Has anyone got such a camera and tried it? — it seems so obvious.

I’m naturally rather disconcerted to read here that Bastian at Boinx was talking in terms of ‘weeks’ over 6 months ago. I’m now looking at DragonFrame as it seems many others are. What a shame/frustration.