Fully Loaded MacBook Pro + BoinxTV + 3x Cameras = ???

Hey guys,

I’m trying my best to buy this product! LOL, I really have liked what I’ve seen, but honestly, a single camera is just not very feasible to me. That’s why I want / need the ability to have multiple cameras. Eventually I hope to have a 6x Camera setup. For now though, I only need about 3 in order to have a viable portable live editing system.

I can’t for the life of me figure out how I can get 3x cameras to pull in as sources to my MacBook Pro. I was going to get the MacBook Air, but luckily someone here (I think one of the devs of BoinxTV) steered me away from it!

Please explain how I can get 3 cameras (I have 3x SONY:HXR-MC50U) to show up as sources for BoinxTV! If you can do this, you will truly revolutionize the portable video editing market!!!


tap This thing… screeeeech on…?

Anyone out there have any idea how I can bring this to fruition?

A friend of mine suggested a pci express chassis that I could put a pci card in that would control multiple cameras.

There is a thunderbolt chassis coming out soonish from one company (can’t remember name now) that will allow you do have a pci card -> thunderbolt to your laptop. This setup could be what is the final better setup for a MacBook Pro portable studio (without taking a desktop with you)

Anyhoo, thanks again for any advice on how I can get 3x cams to work with BoinxTV and a MacBook Pro. (PS. My macbook pro I’m getting is the kick butt almost $4k fully loaded one - Wewt!)

The cameras only deliver their signal over HDMI so you’d need HDMI capture cards and for Expresscard there is currently only the Matrox MXO2 as far as I know. And that gives you only 1 HDMI input. The other option is a MacBookPro with Thunderbolt and something like a http://blackmagic-design.com/products/ultrastudiosdi/ but we have no experience with this at the moment.
The last point is: If you feed these cameras in in HD you might overstrain the MacBookPro graphics card a bit.

I’ve been thinking of using a firewire hub to connect my mac pro with three iSight cameras for use with BoinxTV’s multiple camera input.

Does anyone know if this will work?



I’ve tested boinxTV with my (1.83mHz) MacBook Pro using a pci express card with two 1394b HD inputs. It SERIOUSLY chokes the system so I’m looking at other options.

I tested a single HD camera via 1394b on my i7 iMac and it works GREAT. Problem is I need a second (or more) 1394b input and can’t add on iMac.

So I’m looking for a slightly older used Mac Pro that I can put dedicated HDMI inputs in for each camera (hope to have 3 going eventually) and going to give that a try.

Interested to hear feedback from anyone using older Mac Pros (they suggest the newest/beefiest Mac Pro for Boinx on configurations suggestions but I can’t quite afford that yet and not sure I want to until I’ve tested it in the real world a little).

So anyone out there running this on an older Mac Pro with multi HD cameras? If so, what’s the experience like?

We also have a Quadcore MacPro with a ATI 5870HD (currently the newest ATI card) and I’d say 2 HD sources keeps it busy alone.