frustrating lack of camera support

Every stills camera I try on iStopMotion doesn’t work. Are you working on increasing the supported cameras?
I usually end up having to use a webcam which is far from ideal. If you were to take a poll from these forums to find out which cameras are most popular you could work on a patch?

Sorry to hear that you a frustrated. What camera do you have?

We just released a beta version of iStopMotion that fixes compatibility issues with many Canon cameras. Please check out:

We have a long list of supported cameras (reported by users via a assistant in the Help menu of iStopMotion itself) on our website:
Is yours listed here?

hello, when shooting with the Canon camera the program only gives a black screen after taking a picture with Canon Powershot. The beta version creates a preview that I can see but it crashes when trying to add preview to movie. Using Canon camera with Snow Leopard 10.6.7 - hope you can fix this soon! Thanks.