Free trial version not working

I get message that my free trial runs out in 3,4 days yet I get message it has run out, today? What’s going on? I’m trying to figure out if I want to buy it and I get all this nonsense. I even get a message that the license has been stolen. Stollen??? What is it talking about. Until I can actually make a DVD that plays on my TV I’m not buying!!

On making a DVD. FotoMagico writes a .m4v file which I can’t get converted to a DVD disc correctly, so it works on TV. Also Toast 11, which I don’t have, doesn’t handle .m4v file, or so the specifications say. How do I write a good DVD disc?? I have another cheaper less robust slideshow program that, at least, can and does burn a DVD that works on my blueray player. Why can’t I get FotoMagico to burn a disc?

See, I just got this message and my free trial is good to Feb 4, so I was told. Well attaching a .tiff file doesn’t work either.

Hi Charles,

I just sent you an extended trial license via email. Please make sure you delete all other licenses. I see from our database that you have a lot of demo licenses that all expire on the same day. It seems something went wrong during the automated demo license request.
Please open FotoMagico, go to FotoMagico (in the menubar on the top left) and then “Licenses” here unfold the license list using the triangle at the bottom. Now select every license there and click the - Button below. After all are removed, please quit FotoMagico and follow the license installation instructions in the email I sent.