Frame Rate Setting

Hi folks,
I’m teaching iStopMotion to my high school students, and we were wondering how to change the frame rate for our videos. The default setting (12 fps) works great for most of our movies, but not all. I’ve done some research on the web, and it sounds like you can set the fps when you create a new file. I can’t find this setting… can anyone tell me where it is?
Thanks very much,

Hi Sarah,
in the dialog box to create a new film, just under the drop-down where you select what type (DV, HD etc.) there is a small field where you manually can write in the frame rate. (both in version 2.8 and 3.0).
It seems though, that once defined you cannot alter it later. Sometimes I wished to alter it later to try different effects from different frame rates…
Hope that helped. Thomas

Thanks, Thomas. This answered my question. We were able to copy and paste the slides into a new document at a better frame rate.