Found a bug with 6.1.1 and recording output

If you do not instantiate an NDI source by making it active in a layer at least once before activating a recording destination, the app will crash.

I have NDI sources in a layer-set and recording outputs for each ndi source. Other layersets do not have the ndi sources. When you launch the app and the default layerset to load does not have NDI sources that match the outputs for recording, once you activate that destination, it crashes… If You activate any of the NDI sources by activating the layer-set the NDI sources are in, its fine.

Hi @TVW Thanks for reporting. Can you please send me the crash reports to the email you know?

Thanks Oliver, I sent off an email with the crash report and steps to replicate.

@TVW Thanks for the crash report. We were able to reproduce the crash and It will be fixed in the next release. In the meantime you can use a “Keep alive” layer to prevent the issue: Add a Placer layer at the bottom of your layer stack, set it to live, select the NDI source as the video source, switch the layers option “Geometry > Show as” to “Custom” so that you are able to shrink down the image by the Zoom value and also move it off screen. This way the layer will keep the NDI source alive and the File Recording output destination has always something to eat.