DIssapointed with upgrade pricing

I can’t stand this “I am a long term user and so I want to pay less than the new users”-attitude.

Why can’t you guys be happy that everybody gets a good deal instead of paying 99$ anyway and new users pay a bit more??? Would that make you happy? That’s just stupid…
Blame Apple because they kind of enforce this with their Mac App Store no-paid-upgrades-policy!

Boinx did a great job and completely rebuilt the timeline, imagine how much work this is technically…
And it works just f*cking great!

Hi We all have are opinions and I respect everyone else’s

I don’t

Hi eldiabolo and richardaustin,

Thank you for your feedback. My name is Megan – I’m dealing with Boinx upgrade inquiries personally. Please contact me directly at if you’d like to discuss the new price policy in further detail. Thanks and have a great day!