Fotomagico V5 - Problem by saving the file

Since V5.10 I have the Problem, that I cannot save the file. The program freezes and I have to termite it. When the program starts next, I will be asked, if I want to recover the last file.
Am I the only one with this problem and what can I do for solving it???

I have the same problem with Fotomagico Pro version 5.0.2 (22052). In this moment i use old version of Fotomagico 4.x

I have the same problem. To solve, I make “Quiet FotoMagico” and it say me “save” and it runs.

There is another thread already running about this topic - same problem experienced by lots of people. Get more details here:

We are very sorry about this issue. We are going to release a quick fix soon!

I have two problems:

  1. The same as above reported: saving lets hang FM
  2. Export to Quicktime or for iPAD lets hang too. But the App doesn’t crash, I can cancel the export and then I have the normal function.
    I think, we must remigrate to FM 4!!

I haven’t been able to perform a thorough test, but it appears the latest 5.0.3 release has fixed the problem. As I stated in the other thread, the hang was a hit-and-miss occurrence for me. Cross-posting this on the other thread, as well…

The problem is solved when invoking “Save”.
It remains in some cases when using “Save as…”. More concrete: I have two slideshows. One slideshow can be saved as a new file, the other one freezes the application.

– Jürgen