FotoMagico Thanksgiving Snippet

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           <p><p>"May you live in interesting times" <a href="">may or may not be a Chinese curse</a>. But if times are as "interesting" as the current ones, it is even more important than usual to contemplate all the things we can be thankful for.</p>  <p>In this spirit, thank you for being a great customer. We wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving.</p>  <p>Our Thanksgiving gift to you is the FotoMagico Thanksgiving Snippet (<a href="">Watch the Trailer</a>). Quickly create a lasting memory of the time your family and friends spent together by taking your own pictures, adding them to the story, finish with some personal thanks and send out a great slideshow via YouTube.</p>  <p><a href="" class="button">Get the free Thanksgiving Snippet...</a></p></p>
           <p><a href="">Read the full story here</a></p>
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Fantastic Holiday gift. Very much appreciated. Keep up the good work.