Fotomagico stopped working as a generator

Since the last update of FxFactory (Version 3.0.2) I can’t use FotoMagico Pro 3 as a generator in Motion 5 (this worked previously).
I tried to reinstall the plugin from your website but there always are some errors (first: “Aperture is not installed”, then when I move on: “Die Installation ist fehlgeschlagen”).
The plugin also disappeared from the FxFactory window (only FxTiles from Boinx Softwarre is showing…). Even when I show discontinued products in FxFactory FotoMagico is not showing.

Is there anything else I can try or is this a compatibility issue? If so…please provide a fix!

Kind regards,

Got it working…

Had to copy a new fxpack plugin directly into the FxFactory folder (I’ve got the new plugin file from noise industries support).