FotoMagico Over-Saturation Problem

Although I had previously started a thread on this topic, I felt it would be best to start another since I have been able to narrow the scope of the problem considerably.

The Problem: Images viewed in FM (v4.0.3) appear over-saturated on my NEC display & on my HDTV. However, these same images look fine when viewed in FM on the displays of my iMac & MacBook Pro. Can anyone offer any suggestions on what might be the cause of the problem & (hopefully) the solution? BTW … my NEC display is calibrated.

Thank you kindly.

For those who might be interested, version 4.1 solved the over-saturation problem. Unfortunately, I am discovering other glitches that are making FM4 frustrating to use.

Version 4.1??

Yes, that is correct. When I sent a description of the problem I was experiencing to tech support at Boinx, the response I received contained a link to v4.1

Thanks – they sent me the link, too…

My pleasure.