Fotomagico & Mavericks

Does Fotomagico 3.88 work in Mavericks, as I cannot afford to buy 4 right now ?

Exactly the question I’m wondering about.

My guess is there are a bunch of us Snow Leopard “laggers” wanting to upgrade to Mavericks but not willing/able to purchase Fotomagico 4x but DO wish to continue using 3.8.8.

Hope someone can answer quickly, I’m just itchin’ to upgrade.

3.88 does work on mavericks. had only tried out the basics, but so far all looks well. (tested on macbook air late 2012)

I don’t know about 3 but FotoMagico 4 doesn’t work in Mavericks. I’ve had to recreate my slideshow file 5 times. You can’t save your work because the SAVE button is always grayed out and when your computer is awakened after sleep (for example) it can’t find your photos. When you quit the App and it goes through it’s little saving routine and you launch it again later it still can’t find the photos or any of your formatting. An absolute disaster.

No disrespect, but I’d like this confirmed by Boinx directly. Rather confusing to know that an older 3.88 version of FM works on Mavericks but a later version 4 does not. That doesn’t sound right. I could understand 4 NOT working on Mavericks, but 3.88 should NOT work on it either.

We also tested Fotomagico 3.8.8 and ist looks good so far. We have a few customers having problems running FotoMagico 4 on OS X Mavericks (10.9) but we made good progress and going to release a new version shortly.

I’ve been working on a project since upgrading to Mavericks and not having a problem at this stage. Have no problems saving. Initially it wouldn’t read iphoto but that’s because I had the old iphoto icon on the dock and not the new one. Once I changed them over, no problems. So far, so good.

Actually I will take that back. Started work on another project - can’t save it!

The new update has been released.

I’m running Fotomagico 3.8.8 on an iMac8,1 with Snow Leopard and I want to upgrade to Mavericks. This question has been asked here but I’m still not confident that my fotomagico software and old files will still work. And will I be able to open and revise old shows? Boinx?

@lcharters: As far as we know there are no Maverick related issues with FotoMagico 3.8.8 so you are save to update MacOS X.

I’ve found that 3.8.8 does not work on Mavericks on a 2013 Macbook Air. I’ve created a new show from a copy 4 times, made minor adjustments to images, and each time the show works at first. On reopening, the slide images are no longer visible in the tray, though the slides still exist in the enclosed slideshow file, the audio content is likewise missing, the show won’t play, and the file is frozen. I can’t save or quit without force quit. I love Fotomagico, but am completely stuck now. Any workarounds?

@sonomauser‌ Please contact and ask for the procedure to collect diagnostic log files about handling FotoMagico files and media. Maybe the support stuff can figure out whats going on on your machine.

Thanks, Achim. I did find a workaround. The issue arises when I add in media from a new location. Now that I’ve put all slideshow media in the same folder, and work only from this folder, the project and software are stable. As soon as I add something from outside that folder, all other media disappears from the slideshow and FotoMagico freezes up. Hope this helps!