FotoMagico in After Effects

I’m in the process of migrating from FCP7 to Adobe CS5. I was planning on using the plug-in via After Effects. I am familiar with using the FotoMagico plug-in from FCP via a generator, but can’t seem to get it to work in an After Effects composition. I create a composition with a black solid, then drag the FotoMagico plug-in onto it. When I choose a Slideshow file in the Effect Controls, nothing ever plays back (in either After Effects or in Premiere using Dynamic Linking). I’ve tried this with several slideshow files and nothing seems to show up. I am definitely new to AE… is there some extra step I’m missing to using the plug-in effectively from within that host? Other plugins (e.g. FxFactory’s Manifesto) render just fine.

Thanks for pointing us towards that. There is an error in the plugin when it comes to After Effects. We’ll try to fix this ASAP and can hopefully ship it in the next update.

Excellent! I just installed the 3.8.1 update, and now the FM slideshow is showing up in an AE comp, as well as working in Premiere via Dynamic Linking. Glad I reported when I did, and that it was an quick enough fix to make the cut for the update. Thanks for the quick response!

Great to hear and thanks for reporting back!