FotoMagico - An Alternative to FCP X for Snazzy Slideshows!

I am a very satisfied user of Fotomagico Pro but also have been looking at Final Cut Pro X for an extra desired feature but first a few comments. We make HD and DVD presentations for our clients with Fotomagico Pro and on a HD TV it just couldn't be better. For some reason showing presentations built with Fotomagico Pro using photos we take with the new Olympus E5 with their Zuiko 14-35mm and 50-200mm lenses just come as close to perfection as possible. (Previously used the Canon 5D MARK II and the 7D) The feature I miss most though, being a former PC/Proshow Producer user, is being able to make multiple layers and yet animate each individually at the same time. This is a feature I strongly desire! The quality of the presentation though of Fotomagico Pro far exceeds any others I have used and want to commend the Fotomagico Team for their fantastic product.