FotoMagico 6.1.1 Media Browser observations

Running on MacBook Pro, MacOS Monterey, 2.3 Ghz Quad Core Intel Core i5, 16GB of memory.

I like the new Media Browser — for images, it allows me to get a much better overall view of the images within a folder without sacrificing the stage area itself. I can see the benefit if you have a dual-monitor system (although I personally do not). I also like being able to add folders to the browser without having to drag and drop, but rather by navigating to a sub-folder using the standard Finder interface (that way I don’t have to shrink the FM window to drag from somewhere on my desktop).

I do notice that when I open a slideshow that I’ve already created, the photo usage count (a number within a small green circle) does NOT appear in the media browser window. I tried doing a Save As to a new file, then closed and opened it, thinking there might be some internal addressing things going on, but when I re-opened the new file, the numbers were still missing. I would have expected that to have just carried over from the “older” browser. I also notice that the count does NOT APPEAR in the media browser sidebar as well. So, basically, that info is missing in both locations.

I played around with the new Internet locations (Unsplash and Pexels) and they seem to work as expected. Again, draging an image into the Timeline doesn’t display the usage count in a green circle.

I’ve been working on a slideshow that brings in photos AND audio tracks from five different folders. I added each of the folders (one at a time) to the Images browser, and then went back to add those same folders to the Audio browser. It might be helpful to have a way to add the folder resource to BOTH the Images and the Audio (and even the Video) browser at the same time, just to make things easier.

There may be other issues I find in the future, but overall this is a nice implementation of the new Media Browser window.

I’m missing the photo usage counter too. Already sent in topic Missing usage counter in picture browser