FotoMagico 5 Pro crashes when exporting Apple TV(4K) file

I have created a presentation that includes: 200 jpg images; a recorded AIFF music track; a recorded mp3 voice-over audio track, and an mp4 video track. I created a prototype with a small amount of each type of file and all rendered to an m4V file perfectly. I then completed the large project and now the rendering stalls when it starts to render the video files–it says there is 10 min to go and then hangs at the beginning of the file. If I wait long enough, I get a message that the Export failed and to contact Tech Support.

If I play the project through before exporting, it plays perfectly.

The project goes live on Friday–can you help?

More information:

I replaced the movie clip where it was hanging and now it renders to the end of that clip and then hangs again. I discovered that the transition from the movie to the following slide is locked. Neither the movie is locked nor is the slide that follows, but the transition is. This would appear to be the problem. How do I unlock a transition?

I don’t want to be one of those people that point out the semi-obvious, but in the options on the right-hand side of the screen under “Transition” there is a little lock icon at the top right of that section (difficult to see if you’re in Dark Mode). Did you check to see if that was in the “lock” position? If so, did you try clicking on it to “unlock” it? If you DID try that and it didn’t unlock, then it’s time to contact the Boinx guys. If it did work, then you’re welcome :wink: