FotoMagico 4 crashing. Support for FotoMagico 4 generated slideshows in FotoMagico5. very frustrated

Problem 1:

I spent every evening last week creating a slideshow. Last night when editing the audio, I considered upgrading to FotoMagico 5 Pro - but I was concerned about whether I could open the slideshow I had created with FotoMagico 4 with FotoMagico 5 Pro. I searched many many web pages - both from Boinx and from other reviewers - and I could not find any statement - anywhere- telling whether or not FotoMagico 5 Pro could open a Foto Magico 4 file, so I didn’t upgrade - because I didn’t want to have to recreate my slideshow. So I began adding the audio in FotoMagico 4.

Problem 2:

I could not add the folder containing the audio, or the audio files to the FotoMagic ‘sidebar’ menu (i.e. - on the right hand side - above the 'images, audio,settings, icons). So I dropped the radio files directly onto the timeline. Everything seemed to be going fine - until when I added the last sound effect file - and then Foto Magico crashed. Now I can’t open the slideshow. When I try to open it - it asks me if I want to recover the last work… I tried that, but it doesn’t help. When I try to open without recovery, it tells me that it can’t find some of the files, presents a menu of the missing (audio) files and ask me to locate them. In the menu it has the pathmnames and files names of all the audio files, which are correct, but then the whole thing either hangs - or just crashes.

I’m really disappointed - and frustrated. Can you tell me what’s going on - and how I might be able to recover. I can’t send an image of the slideshow - as its 500Mb, and I have a slow internet connection.

This is a bit of a crisis for me. I really enjoyed using FotoMagico - and was looking forward to getting FM 5 Pro to get the advanced audio editing - but now if I have to recreate the slideshow - I’ll probably have to try something different… even FantaShow, despite being limited - was reliable…

Please help me.

Things have been going further downhill. Before I began editing audio, (Jan 5th) I saved a backup version of the Slideshow. To try and begin rebuilding the slideshow I reverted back to the archive. When I tried to open this file - I get the message about missing files. This time I ignore the message. the Slideshow opens, and most of the thumbnails in the timeline are there. about 6 are missing. However many of the image files associated with them are missing from the package. The slideshow should have 210 slides. FotoMagico gives a correct slide count, is missing about 5 or 6 thumbnails, but only has 25 jpegs in its Files directory.

I have no idea what is going on here.

I returned to my broken recent slideshow, and looked in the files in the package. I had added about 20 audio files to the slide show - but now I see in the Files that there are only 8 mp3 files.

I don’t think it’s a hardware issue - because the Archive and the working slides are on 2 different disks. The working slides are on a RAID array, and the Archive is on a separate hard disk, so it’s not likely to be bad sectors on a disk…

I am very sorry about your trouble.

Problem 1: Yes, FotoMagico 5 can open FotoMagico 4 files. Once you saved them they won’t open in FotoMagico 4 thought.

Problem 2: In FotoMagico we do some file magic to save disk space and make the save process a lot faster that it usually would take (saving a 500 MB usually would take much longer) However this sometimes causes problems when running on separate disks and I also heard about problems from users running a raid system.

The missing image files you mentioned are they from a special kind? Do you store them in another way than the others? Is this the same for the missing audio files?

Just a suggestion, because this USUALLY works for me :slight_smile: Whenever I create a slideshow, I create a DEDICATED folder for it on my drive. Even though I may have images scattered here and there, or in a saved folder from a trip, EVERYTHING that goes into the slideshow goes into that folder (implying that photos are now duplicated in multiple locations). That also includes any audio files. That way I know that everything stays together – and I can easily copy the entire folder somewhere else and know that everything goes along with the presentation.

Thanks for the response. The files were mostly jpg and a few mp3. I did have all the originals so I rebuilt the slideshow from scratch.

It could be related to working across 2 different disks, or the slide array. Although _ I only ask FotoMagico to read and save from the raid array. I transfer the archives by hand to the second disk. Hard to imagine the RAID array was the problem - its actually a separate RAID cage - and the editing computer just sees it as another disk…

However - I found out something else that may have cause the problem. In my preferences settings, nothing was checked in the Media Libraries section. This is obviously why I couldn’t drop the folders into FM, and possibly why it couldn’t restore them…

But it did seem to go into an endless loop looking…

I should have said that after I checked the ‘Folders’ button in the Media Libraries section (preferences) - everything worked flawlessly…

Glad to hear! Thanks for your feedback!