FotoMagico 4.6.6 constantly crashing

The application keeps crashing while I am trying to build a slide show that is due this Friday, December 6, 2015! That means I need this working ASAP. I have sent the crash dumps each time with a brief description of what I was doing at the time over the last four days. I’m happy to send the slide show to where ever you want so you can look at it too. However the last crash I had not even opened a file! I only started the program and 30 seconds after it was open it crashed! I am running OSX 10.10.5 and FM 4.6.6 along with Aperture 3.6. If upgrading the OS will fix this AND NOT BREAK THIS ANY FURTHER I will do that.

I’m experiencing the same problem and now my file before it crashed does not open. I’m on the same version and operating system. Is there any help.

I have the same issue with crashing. I am running OXS 10.10.5 Please help. We fixed it and then the program disappears. I have to go find it in my downloads. Try to open and keeps crashing. I also have project due. Very frustrating.

Has anyone yet receive a reply from Borinx for this problem? My confidence in this program and company is being challenged especially when time is of the essence and I don’t it to redoe the entire show again!

I have worked for four days on a slideshow for my mother-in-laws memorial service, WHICH IS TOMORROW!!! And this program has crashed twice on me. I called first thing this morning and was told somebody would call to help me. They never did…so I started again. So after another 8 hours of work, it crashed again. It will not even open and allow me to Locate Missing Media Files.

I have been creating a slideshow with limited success as FM4 keeps on crashing. I have recreated slideshows and it keeps on happening. Now it will not even open the file and will not allow me to Locate the Missing Media Files. I am on 10.11.2 and
FM 4.6.6 which is supposed to be El Capitan compatible. I have a deliverable tomorrow and now have to recreate it in Photos (not optimal - that is why I bought FM4. I better get my money back!

Hello , can we get some answers here.
I paid 99,- for this program!!!

Same is happening here. Slide show keeps crashing and it is hard to find it back. Please, some answers soon !!!This is the 3e program I purchased and it gets really frustrating after working on slideshows for the whole Christmas break.PLEASE!!!